Pipkin Rabbit Rescue

rabbit run

Our purpose-built run (with our German Shepherd, Max, getting in the picture!)

Welcome to Pipkin Rabbit Rescue, an independently run rabbit rescue in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.

I started to take in rabbits in 2006. So many are abandoned by their original owners. Most of the rabbits I have taken in have been picked up as strays, a few have come in as their original owners could no longer look after them, but have been caring enough to secure their rabbits future.
When I first admit a rabbit to the rescue I take him/her to our vet for a check up and they receive whatever medical treatment they need - recently that has included dental work, treatment for bladder problems and treatment for a broken leg. When the rabbit is fit and well again (and has been neutered if male) they are then either rehomed or integrated into our "warren"! We have a large run that houses some of the bunnies who have needed extended medical treatment and will therefore stay with us. We do not put any healthy rabbits to sleep.
We fund the rescue by selling second hand books on Amazon.co.uk, attending charity fairs with items to sell and by selling a variety of carefully made hand-crafted items on this website. Some of the bunnies we have helped are featured on here, please have a browse and come back often to see our updates!

Hope you enjoy!


COOKIE is an adorable dwarf lop. He was picked up as a stray so we don't know how old he is, but I would estimate he is about 1 year old. When he was found he had to have a dental under general anaesthetic due to spurs on his back teeth, so it is quite probable that he will need dental treatment throughout his life. Find out more about him and some of his friends and how you can help.

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We attend a few local fairs to help raise funds. Our next event will be the Tynemouth Book Fair, 10 October 2010, in the Metro train station at Tynemouth.